«Visitador Médico», «Farmacia Profesional» y «El Informador en Salud» were magazines published by DOYMA-ELSEVIER in Barcelona. I made lots of illustrations for this three magazines related to pharmacy, health visitors and health themes in general. Here are some of the images, hope you enjoy them !

«LOLA» series: articles about A.P.V. (windows and products exhibition in Pharmacy).

Lola the pharmacist, receiving a retiree:





Articles about A.P.V. (windows and products exhibition in Pharmacy) / COVER ILLUSTRATIONS, presenting Mr. René…



…and Mrs. Sofia, mother of two identical hungry babies:

«MICHAEL» series: articles about purchasing products in Pharmacy. First apeareance of Mike in COVER:






Michael always do a lot of planning before «riding» to go to purchase…



Lesson Nr. One: observation / anticipation / sharing / identification:

(Michael researching the market).












Sometimes he works too much and forgets about simplicity; but he always does his job with good humor and enjoying a lot.




Anticipation and foresight to make more effective purchases:farmacia15b



One more COVER illustration:


Michael and coworkers. Last appearance of Michael as a pharmacist and a mentor.

Cover illustration for an article about cancer.

More COVER illustrations:

Duel of giants: the health visitor and the pharmacist.


The good pharmacist and his ability to understand the client.


Assertive communication.





Artwork in different styles:


…and this is the last illustration I made for the magazines of Doyma-Elsevier. It resembles those I made later for SÀPIENS magazine.

You can see them HERE.