Personal artwork. Improvised drawings on notebooks.
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«The Adventures of a Bird»

“My Sun Protects Me”, 2022 (personal diary) / charcoal and pastels on paper.



“The Woman of the Dogs”, 2012 (personal diary) / pencils, pastels and ink on paper.

«P’i; Stagnation», 2018 (personal diary) / ink on paper.

«Red Cop», 2021 (personal diary) / pencils, pastels and ink on paper.

«Crazy Soldier», 2021 (personal diary) / pencil and pastels on paper.

«Where Was My Money?», 2021 (personal diary) / ink and pencils on paper.




«Drunk Condor», 2021 (personal diary) / graphite and coloured pencils on paper.




«Female Elephant in Trouble», 2021 (personal diary) /charcoal on paper.

«Pizza en Parque Patricios», 2021 (personal diary) / pencils and pen on paper.


«Wounded Unicorn», 2021 (personal diary) / chalk, charcoal and pencils on paper.




«Woman from the Mountain», 2021 (personal diary) / pencils and chalk on paper.




«Robot Arm»,  2022 (personal diary) / ink on paper.


«Sea Bird and  Volcano», 2021 (personal diary) / chalk and pencil on paper.

«Siege», 2020 (personal diary) / chalk, pencils and charcoals on paper.

«The Idiot», 2017 (personal diary) / ink, pen, pencils and stickers on paper.


«Once Again», 2021 (personal diary) / chalk on paper.