Some book covers for Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Classics.
During the years I was commissioned by the publishing houses «Ediciones B» and «Suma de Letras» to create illustrations for book covers, I had the great opportunity to work for authors such Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons and Isaac Asimov, among others.  Thanks to art directors Samuel Gomez and Ignacio Ballesteros for giving me a way to express my art without any stylistic restriction. /

“Hyperion”, Dan Simmons (2006)

“The Fall of Hyperion”, Dan Simmons (2006)

“Endymion”, Dan Simmons (2006)

“The Rise of Endymion”, Dan Simmons (2006)

«Darwin´s Radio», Greg Bear (2004)

“Ender`s Game”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Speaker for the Dead”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Ender the Xenocide”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Children of the Mind”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Ender`s Shadow”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Shadow of the Hegemon”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Shadow Puppets”, Orson Scott Card (2006)

“Tuf Voyaging”, George Martin (2006)


“The Shop”, Stephen King (2003)

“Ender`s Game”, Orson Scott Card (2004)

«Forever Peace», Joe Haldeman (2005)


«The Boat of a Million Years», Poul Anderson (2005)


«The Crystal Cave», Mary Stewart  (2007)


«The Hollow Hills», Mary Stewart  (2007)


«The Last Enchantment», Mary Stewart  (2007)