Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, Leonardo Flores is active in the areas of the drawing, editorial illustration and concept art for cinema and TV.  After having published comic strips in “El Tony” and “Nippur” magazines and working for 5 years as a Cartoon Art Director in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the year 2000 he decides to live in Barcelona, Spain.


His illustrations are published in diverse Catalan publications such as the magazines SÀPIENS, JAÇ, CUINA, LA MAREA and the newspapers LA VANGUARDIA and PÚBLICO.  He has created hundreds of book covers for publishing houses such as Ediciones B, Planeta, Minotauro, Timun Mas, Random House Mondadori, Suma de Letras, Ikusager, Ara Llibres and others.  As a book cover illustrator, he has created images for authors such Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons, Noah Gordon, Stanislaw Lem, Greg Bear, George Martin, Mary Stewart and others.

He has also collaborated with advertising agencies, cinema producers and campaigns for brands such as Nesquick, Bank of Boston, diario Clarín, diario La Nación, Buckler, Heineken, Mitsubishi, Arcor, etc.


Other clients: Nylon Guys Magazine (New York), Viva La Card (New York), Foneclay (San Diego), Petite Poste (Zurich), Época Negocios Magazine (Sao Paulo).


He is the scriptwriter for the magazine Tretze Vents, for the comic strip “Animalades”, in collaboration with illustrator Rebeca Luciani.


He currently provides drawing, illustration and creativity lessons in his studio in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona which he combines with excursions to the mountains and forests.  This proposition aims to deepen the process of “Creativity of the Destruction of What is Not “or “Creativity that Arises from Telling the Truth” which is the approach to gain access to a more authentic form of creativity by means of going “back to zero” and loosening conditioning mental structures. According to his experiences contact with the natural world plays an important role in bringing together an internal state of emptiness or silence which provides the spontaneous alteration of mental blocks and closed structures, into open ideas and more sincere feelings with oneself.

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